Day Camp

This camp is for ages 4 through 8 years old. Campers will get to experience the feel of camp and all it has to provide, but won't be able to stay over night until Junior Camp. This camp provides a fun-packed day of Bible study, recreation, crafts, music, and recess. Lunch and a snack will also be provided. 

                                 July 29TH--AUG 2ND           Cost $30               10:00 AM- 4:00 PM each day

Download the camp form and mail to the address provided at the bottom of this page. There is no limit to the number of day campers allowed, but getting forms turned in early will help us provide enough staff to cater to campers. If you would be interested in volunteering for next year's camp please download the volunteer form under the events tab.

  1. Music
    We enjoyed a great week of singing with Ms. Angela. So many great songs about God that campers will remember for years to come.
  2. Bible Study
    Bible Study
    Hands-on Bible study lessons to get campers involved in their learning of the Bible and its characters. This week we studied Jesus and Abraham.
  3. Puppet Show
    Puppet Show
    Ben and Stella helped introduce campers to each day's key points and lesson focus.
  4. Kitchen Help
    Kitchen Help
    We had some wonderful ladies preparing our lunches and snacks.
  5. Crafts
    Campers made lots of neat crafts this week including: wind chimes, bird seed hangers, and hands of love.
  6. Games
    Bill and Brenda surprised campers with fun games like the minnow race. Campers also enjoyed racing ducks down the stream and making s'mores at the camp fire.
  7. First Campers
    First Campers
    This is the first group of campers for Ridge Top Bible Camp! We had 23 registered campers our first year for day camp and expect more next year!
  8. Recess
    Campers enjoyed their time playing on the playground equipment donated by Miracle.
  9. Crafts
    Several campers holding up the wind chimes they made during craft time!
  10. Friendship
    Ridge Top Bible Camp will help build friendships that will last a life time!
  11. Lunch
    Lunch time for a bunch of hungry kiddos.
  12. Bible Lesson
    Bible Lesson
    Frank and Becky acted as Abraham and Sarah during this live bible story.